The Mothership Landing isn't just a brand; it's an experience.

As a pioneering festival streetwear brand and merch platform, we're a sanctuary for independent artists and visionaries.

In a world dominated by fast fashion, we've carved a different path. Every garment is a cosmic masterpiece—crafted from recycled fabrics, thoughtfully designed, printed to order, cut and sewn.

With us, you don't just wear our collection; you move in harmony with our Mothership Earth, living the story our garments tell.

Our designs dance between the ethereal beauty of the skies above and the pulsating rhythm of life below, painting a canvas of imagination and reality.

More than a purchase, when you choose "The Mothership Landing", you're aligning with a community; a family of stargazers, dreamers, and artists.

Join us. Embrace the universal rhythm, clothe yourself in stars, and let's journey the cosmos together. Welcome home.

With gratitude,