Bianca "Baby Bossinova" Lee is a radiant beacon of talent hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. A multi-faceted artist, Bianca enthralls her audience not only as a gifted musician—with the accordion among her many instrumental talents—but also as an enchanting fire performer. Her artistry isn't confined to the stage; as a mixed media artist, muralist, and painter, she has transformed spaces and canvases with her visionary flair.

Woven into her artistic tapestry is a deep commitment to sustainability. Her upcycled jester hats, crafted from recycled fabrics, are a testament to her ingenuity and dedication to the environment. Moreover, as the designer behind the mesmerizing "Our Mother Earth" on the Mothership Landing site, her creative footprint is unmissable.

Beyond her numerous talents, Bianca is an embodiment of free spirit and wanderlust. A true gypsy traveler, she traverses the world accompanied by her precious baby Ufte and her loyal dog, The One. Every journey she undertakes, every art piece she creates, echoes with her profound love for life and her undying passion for creativity.